Tungsten Ring Designs

Tungsten ring designs are presently in demand as it gets through the latest trend. It has been the choice of many particularly for wedding rings. It has gained importance as it becomes part of momentous occasions, as a symbolic element. Rings are considered to be the symbol that seals a marriage ceremony and represents the bond between the couple thereafter.

The designs are of course based from popular preference of clients, whose choices shape the trend in Tungsten ring designs. Couples can choose from a wide range of rings, made extraordinary by unique and personalized artwork that suits the couple’s needs and satisfy their hearts’ desires.

Remember that it is something they should wear on their fingers from the day of the wedding and in the coming years, as long as the union is not broken. Many prefer this metal for their rings, for its texture and the elegance of tungsten ring designs that are readily available for shoppers.

Black Tungsten Rings

 Black jewelries really looked great even in the past. It has a solid look of elegance, much more attractive for a wedding band. Tungsten is naturally gray in color, and you can add stones to it like any other ring material. For example, right now the black tungsten wedding bands with diamonds is very popular . It is still of good quality because black plates also contain tungsten substances.

Tungsten Rings with Black Inlay

 Tungsten is known as something solid in look and in actual material. Design it with a black inlay to boost the strong appearance. The design is softened by a personalized touch that curves according to the clients’ wish. Inlays are done as desired by the couple.

Tungsten with Gold Plate

 The flexibility of Tungsten as a metal makes it ideal for various designs. Its color blends perfectly with a gold plate, and advanced technology makes it possible to create gold plated designs that are scratch-free and durable. Gold has reached its height in the world of fashion and if paired with Tungsten, expect something great as both have been proven to be excellent raw materials for jewelries.

Wedding Bonds Made from Tungsten

Wedding bands have to match the couple’s passion for arts and designs, all wrapped up in a circular metal, small enough to fit their fingers but large enough to hold their sentiments and the memories that go with it. A design fit for a woman and a man is usually used for this. For the women, it is just a modified version of that of the men, but both designs appear to be a perfect match.

Plenty of designs to choose from are readily available online. But if requested, customized designs are also offered for clients who wanted to have a personal touch on their jewelries. Just be cautious before making a purchase and remember these considerations before buying.

  • Check the period of warranty given by the jewelry shop. A lifetime warranty is best. Ask if they accept returns or consider replacements in case there are defects in the product.
  • High price could sometimes mean good quality. And you can have its value verified. Most often, you really get your money’s worth when purchasing a jewelry.
  • For tungsten designs with inlays, plated or designed with other materials, always check the materials used for added design. It may not be as durable and authentic than tungsten.

Our choice of jewelry reflects our personality. From gold, to diamonds and platinum, to a mix of two tone or three tone, and now the Tungsten. Metals have become valuable as we put meaningful attachments towards it.  Not only a symbol of a union, a gift or a remembrance, but also something that retains the value of artwork and a trace of fashion. Everything else changes through time as trend is the most dynamic. However, jewelries never lose its value even after centuries.

Here’s how wedding rings are made: