Holiday Farmhouses in Gozo

Incredible Farmhouses in Gozo with Pool

The Gozo Island is an island in the Republic of Malta. The Republic of Malta comprises of three islands; Gozo, Comino, and the mainland Malta. Gozo is the largest island in Malta. It is 5km far from the main island. You can access Gozo from the main land by the sea, using ferries or by air. Gozo is in the north of main Island Malta. The weather is favorably warm and it is one the most sort after tourist destination. This is a place where culture is still observed up to date.
The island of Gozo is a very beautiful place with highlands on both sides and sea shores all round. It’s in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea. Locals here still value farmhouses which are as old as 300-400 years. They have maintained, renovated and converted them into beautiful, incredible ‘Houses of Character’.
They are reserved for rentals by tourists while on vacation. Some of these farmhouses are owned by individuals. These are most tourists’ number choice because they are the most popular places to stay in during a vacation in Gozo. All gozo farmhouses have a pool and a garden.
These farmhouses are luxurious and incredible to stay in. They bring a sense of belonging, ownership, and feeling at home with kind of time of travel back to the days. The memories and history that these farmhouses come with are wonderful to experience. The tradition and independence in Gozo is a choice you would go for.
Gozo is a very simple place and rural. Locals are still attached to their culture and the way of life. Gozo is the only place you will find people observing tradition activities like fishing, farming and primitive pastoral. The environment is very conducive. When in Gozo, choose to stay in a farmhouse and experience the beauty.

These farmhouses are more of an individual property located in a serene environment around Gozo. The farmhouses have lots of independence and privacy. You can opt for a self-catering service to get a chance to immerse yourself in Gozitan.
Gozo is most people’s favorite spot for the romantics. The place is not congested at all. The old splendid farmhouses are few in number and for spiritual matters, there is a small cathedral surrounded with spectacular bastion walls. It is very comfortable to be in Gozo. Some expats, Maltese and people from all over europe and america like Gozo island so much that they are also buying farmhouses in Gozo. Here’s an estate agent that can help you with that. or visit their home page
Security in Gozo is one of its own kinds. Do you know that locals still leave door keys in front of their front doors? I thought you should know. Yes! This is custom that has been observed up to date and nowhere in the world will you hear about this. No theft in Gozo or any other type of insecurities. You can walk around any time of the night and be assured of your safety while taking a walk around or while relaxing in your farmhouse. Gozo is home to some of the oldest religious structures in the whole world. Take time and visit some of these sites.
For your vacation in Gozo, always book 2-3 months before for reservations. As you can see, it is the best destination ever especially with accommodation in farm houses.