Gruffalo Cake!


Apologies for the absence – I have been busy baking our second little boy!!

He’s here now and a grand old age of 6 weeks. More on him later, for now here is Oscar’s second birthday cake.

A 2 foot tall gruffalo!!! Dressed in a fetching pair of red trousers to match Oscar’s favourite pair. Chocolate cake with internal struvture and hidden cake boards. Airbrushed as usual!

Happy birthday beautiful boy! Xx

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‘Little Dumbo’ the baby elephant ..


‘Dumbo’ the baby elephant came about after the client saw ‘Oscar’s lion cake‘ and asked me to make something for her in the same style.

The cake was to be for a gorgeous little boy’s first birthday and we decided together on a baby elephant. We wanted to keep it cute so came up with the idea of added a fondant party hat to our friend Dumbo as a finishing touch.

The cake was 18 inches of chocolate cake, filled and wrapped in chocolate buttercream the covered in fondant and airbrushed.

‘Little Dumbo’ went down a storm at the party and the client loved it, so much so that instead of cutting it, they took it home with them!

I received this message after the party.

“There’s an elephant in the living room!” No… Really there is. We didn’t have the heart to butcher Dumbo. Anthony ate a slice of his foot (Dumbo’s foot, not his own) and said it was gorgeous – so we desperately want to – but we want to preserve it too. A good advert for “Save the Elephants.” It really is a wonderful cake. All our guest were agasp. Hannah we’ve had loved you and Oscar to have hung around for the bash. although you’d have been mobbed by fans of Dumbo.We’re considering making some sort of saddle so that Lucas can ride him…’


I’ve never made a cake before that wasn’t eaten at the party and was taken home instead!  Bless them. That’s just so very sweet…

So, here he is, now tell me – could you eat him?

elephant cake LRelephant cake

elephant cakeelephant cake

And finally, all set up at the venue with his fondant party hat!! Too cute!

elephant cake LR 5

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Happy Birthday to meeeeeeeeeeeeee…….

Once a year I get to make a cake all for myself, as ever I am always short of time so it’s always a slap-dash, speedy design usually stuffed with fun-factor and crammed with chocoalate.


This year was no different!


A fun-filled giant ‘chocolate chip cookie’ which is sat under a huge ‘waffle cone’ overflowing with drippy, dippy, melting ‘icecream balls.’

-All cake, all smothered in melted chocolate, royal icing and buttercream, all mine!! (Ok, OK, i shared it with a few friends as well. Yummy!)

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The ‘alternative’ Easter sweets!

I was very excited to be asked to work alongside a group of food artists to come up with a set of alternative Easter edibles to celebrate the holiday – inspired by religion, focusing on Christianity and Catholicism. We all worked on edible pieces drawing on art, history and religious influences to create a real eclectic mix of pieces for a pop up event.

The event was  held at St. Barts Pathology Museum, London on Saturday 30th March and was a truly intoxicating mix of incense, arias and of course an amazing range of edible wonders.

My pieces included hand-painted stigmata gingerbread cookies, belgium chocolate crowns of thorns and ‘confessional’ cupcakes.

My cake mate Amy over at Bees Knees created an amazing edible display of maripan animals and St. Francis of Assisi, edible gem crosses and fudge, yes fudge rosary beads.

The wonderful Nic from Tattoo Cakes created ‘body of christ cupcakes, truffle eyeballs to represent the saints, and truly amazing ‘cake popes.’

The multi-talented Tasha from AMV created edible eclesiatic prints, biblical chocolate scenes infused with francensence and myrrh.

Francesca from Gluten Freaks made beautiful hand-painted stain glassed cupcakes and Jen from Jens Cakery made rediculously clever cupcake Mitres!

The Robin Collective supplied wonderful religious inspired cocktails and drinks and I mustn’t forget Carla and Sarah from St. Barts Pathology Museum who worked their hearts out on all the PR and press for the day!


What an awesome team and a uniquely wonderful event!! I was super proud to be asked to take part, and amazed at the creations that everyone created.

Edible religious based art – who’d have thought it??!


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Hooty Owl cake

This one is just a personal cake as Hubby wanted to take one of my cakes in for his work colleagues at the hospital so seeing as i’ve always wanted to make an owl cake this is what I made for him.

It’s all cake, the body is chocolate cake, the head is vanilla sponge. It is made of 10 inch round cakes with a small, deep 5 inch round for the head.

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How to: Make a gingerbread house – video tutorial

Here is a video tutorial on how to make your very own gingerbread house!

I hope you like it. It is my first time in front of the camera so no sniggering in the corner – I can see you! 😉

Part 1 – How to: Make the gingerbread, shape the pieces and bake the dough

Part 2 – How to: Make royal icing and pipe the windows/doors

Part 3 – How to: Construct the house and decorate with sweets

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Musical cupcakes

These were designed for a hen weekend for a lady who loves her music.

Hand-piped and airbrushed musical notes, piano keys and tiny little hand-drawn music books adorn chocolate cupcakes wrapped in hand-made music sheets.

Such a beautiful little set of yummy mouthfuls.

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Antique Birdcage Cake

Commissioned for a special birthday party, a red velvet black and silver antique birdcage.

This is a beast of a cake as it has to feed 60 people, so sits 40cm/13 inches high!! It is boarded and dowelled in three sections to help support the height!

Happy Birthday Helena! x

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A cakey play date…

A good friend of mine asked if I could help her make her son’s second birthday cake. It seemed like a fun idea and as our boys could entertain each other I figured we stood a good chance of being able to throw something together even with two under two’s running around!

My buddy made the pyrex bowl sponge cake and brought all the ingredients/board with her. I gave her a nudge in the right direction with the icing, feature moulding and airbrushing. The boys added moral support, christmas spirit and duplo to the proceedings. ♥

We made a turtle cake as when translated, her son’s name means ‘little turtle.’ How cute is that!

And here are our two boys hanging out together waiting ‘patiently’ for the cake to be finished!!! Yes, we made them wear the reins.. and yes, they did take them off the second after this picture was taken! Ha ha. ♥

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Día de los Muertos – Day of the Dead Cake

Anyone who follows this blog knows I have been playing around with my chocolate skull mould for the last couple of months. I’m sure you can imagine my joy then when i received a email asking for a ‘Day of the Dead’ cake for a surprise 30th birthday party!!

I’ve been waiting to make this cake since the day I opened the skull mould box and i enjoyed every single brightly coloured moment of it!

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