Getting Help From A Web Design Company

Are you planning on expanding your business online or perhaps starting an online marketing campaign so that you can grow your company at a much faster rate? Then, you need to make sure that you properly set up your internet marketing campaign so that you can get the results that you’re aiming for.

Marketing your business online isn’t just plainly about setting a website. It also involves making sure that all of the pages on your website not only look good but are also user-friendly. This is the main reason why web design is really important. If you have no idea how to go about this task yourself, you don’t have to fret because you can always get help from a web design company that you wont have to go through the trouble of that task yourself.

By getting professional help from a web designer, you can make sure that all of your pages look good; they load up fairly quickly; and they’re really easy to navigate so that visitors won’t find it hard to get the information they’re looking for. Through this, you can prevent your visitors from clicking the back button and going to a different website. Keep in mind that a fast and great-looking website is what’s going to help you convert visitors into actual customers.

Choosing A Web Design Company – What To Consider

Launching a new website can be frustrating when it comes to selecting a designer. With many web designers out there, both agencies and freelancers, it can be a tedious task trying to determine which one fits you. This is a decision you want to make carefully and seriously, as your website will be the online face and perhaps first impression of your business. Therefore, it’s essential to choose a website design company that will help you achieve your business goals and reach your target audience. Here are seven things to consider when making your choice, with credit to a web design firm in Adelaide, South Australia.

Project ideas

No one knows the ins-and-outs of your business as you do. If a design company doesn’t listen to your concepts, then stay away from them. Your designer should bring excellent ideas to the table and put your ideas into action, not produce a replica of what you say or create their own bland project.

Marketing strategy

A web design company without marketing is like a jet with no wings. Yes, it may be fast, but it won’t take off. You want more than a nice-looking website. You need something that works. When an agency has developers, designers and marketers, you can rest assured that the final product will be a functional, pretty and findable site.

Content management system

You need CMS for your website. Without it, you will be contacting a developer frequently with a request to upgrade your site. A professional web designer is conversant with the best CMS platforms (WordPress, Magento and Drupal). If your designer recommends or uses a static HTML page, look for a time machine and travel back to this era.

Responsive design

This is not a trend. It’s simply the best way to create a website today. Even Google knows that. If a web designing firm knows nothing about responsive design or mobile-friendly design, then look somewhere else. As tablet and mobile usage continues to grow, you should make sure that your website is optimized for each device. The right developer or designer will do that for you.

Live portfolio

Look at the work a web design company has done. Only then can you determine if they know their stuff. You want to check out the websites they have made, not screenshots of homepages. Also, look through their work portfolio. If you miss anything you like, consider hiring someone else.

Industry experience

An agency that works with various businesses in different industries is more likely to create a unique website that will stand above the competition and reach a bigger audience. It’s a plus if the designer knows your industry and main competitors and keeps up with modern design trends.

Quality over price

Your website is an essential part of your business. As this area is complex and beneficial, you can’t afford to cut corners. Probably, a web design agency that offers low rates won’t create a website that works for your business. Invest more to get a great website that yields a high ROI. A bad website often stalls a business. Finding a good web designer is not easy. But once you find one, your work becomes a lot easier.

Getting Effective And Reliable Web Design

Did you just stumble upon the concept of online marketing? Have you read about its different advantages and the huge amount of power it possesses in terms of getting businesses new customers at a much faster rate compared to traditional marketing strategies for a much cheaper cost? If yes, then you should probably invest your time and money on putting up your very own internet marketing campaign so that you can grow your small business in no time.

Online marketing involves different tasks and you need to take each one into consideration so that you can be really effective in what you do. Among the different aspects, effective web design belongs at the top of the list of things that you need to pay close attention to because this will either make or break your marketing campaign.

You need to set up your website in such a way that it’s going to be fast and easy for people to spot the pages of your products and services so that they can read about them. In addition to that, your contact information should also be easy to spot so that potential customers can call or email you right away if they want to make orders.

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Benefits of Graphic Design in Web Development Process

Website development and graphic design go hand in hand

Creating a clean website without using graphic design is unprofessional. How do you maintain your website visitors to browse for long without bouncing back? How do you steer the web visitors to take action? It is by a having a website with excellent graphic designs that communicate more to your visitors.

Graphic design is an integral part of website development. A site with poor or no graphic designs means dead business. Your site should be attractive and ready to deliver.

Graphic design is art with a purpose, created using a systematic plan to solve a problem or achieve a certain objective with the use of images, symbols, and words. It is visual communication. A good piece of graphics can get you noticed and remembered for ages, such as a logo. The project manager at has explained to our web dev team, several times, that in order for a successful website devlopment firm to achieve new heights, a front end developer must be hired within the firm. This will assure that all design is being implemented according to industry standards.

That is why Graphic design is a must during web development process because it has many benefits to your business;

  1. Branding

A great attractive well-designed website makes visitors want to browse more. Graphic design will help in brand recognition by creating a consistent brand experience across all platforms. Branding brings about interests to web visitors that generate them into new clients. A well-designed graphics helps you to stand out as an organization that places marketing, value, and operations towards customers.

  1. Communication

Graphic design is an essential visual communication tool in your website. Without a clear statement, your website will lack personality. Images are what will capture the visitor at first; the clarity and attractive images will glue the visitor in your page before reading the content. Graphic design communicates to your existing and future clients. A website with visual appeal communicates more about your brand and value to your target audience.

  1. Marketing

A great graphic design based on market research attracts more visitors, therefore making your website well positioned on search engines when visitors use keywords that prospective clients use to find services like yours. Use interesting designs easy for your customers to remember and has a touch to the clients.

  1. Grabs Attention

Graphic design is a visual marketer; human eye gets attracted to things that move their visual cues.  People have become very savvy and demand a high quality visual. They expect you to have a high end website, which will reflect the quality of your company. The more attractive the design is, the higher the number of traffic you experience leading to sales. People highly prefer beautiful graphics; make sure your product grabs the eye of your customer by using captivating pop displays. The captivating pop displays help your products to stand out against competitive products.

  1. Increased Sales

Alongside SEO content and strategy, professionally done graphic designs can help you land on the top of search engines results page. More people will come across your graphics that leads them to your website, converting into sales. If you notice an increase in sales, there are higher chances that you are outshining your competitors and toppling in popularity, which is a great move in business.

Graphic design, like any other website components, are meant to compel visitors to take the next step. A clear well-designed call-to-action guides users closer or to take action. Poorly designed graphics such as logos, brochures, and website have an extreme damage on the product and business.

Holiday Farmhouses in Gozo

Incredible Farmhouses in Gozo with Pool

The Gozo Island is an island in the Republic of Malta. The Republic of Malta comprises of three islands; Gozo, Comino, and the mainland Malta. Gozo is the largest island in Malta. It is 5km far from the main island. You can access Gozo from the main land by the sea, using ferries or by air. Gozo is in the north of main Island Malta. The weather is favorably warm and it is one the most sort after tourist destination. This is a place where culture is still observed up to date.
The island of Gozo is a very beautiful place with highlands on both sides and sea shores all round. It’s in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea. Locals here still value farmhouses which are as old as 300-400 years. They have maintained, renovated and converted them into beautiful, incredible ‘Houses of Character’.
They are reserved for rentals by tourists while on vacation. Some of these farmhouses are owned by individuals. These are most tourists’ number choice because they are the most popular places to stay in during a vacation in Gozo. All gozo farmhouses have a pool and a garden.
These farmhouses are luxurious and incredible to stay in. They bring a sense of belonging, ownership, and feeling at home with kind of time of travel back to the days. The memories and history that these farmhouses come with are wonderful to experience. The tradition and independence in Gozo is a choice you would go for.
Gozo is a very simple place and rural. Locals are still attached to their culture and the way of life. Gozo is the only place you will find people observing tradition activities like fishing, farming and primitive pastoral. The environment is very conducive. When in Gozo, choose to stay in a farmhouse and experience the beauty.

These farmhouses are more of an individual property located in a serene environment around Gozo. The farmhouses have lots of independence and privacy. You can opt for a self-catering service to get a chance to immerse yourself in Gozitan.
Gozo is most people’s favorite spot for the romantics. The place is not congested at all. The old splendid farmhouses are few in number and for spiritual matters, there is a small cathedral surrounded with spectacular bastion walls. It is very comfortable to be in Gozo. Some expats, Maltese and people from all over europe and america like Gozo island so much that they are also buying farmhouses in Gozo. Here’s an estate agent that can help you with that. or visit their home page
Security in Gozo is one of its own kinds. Do you know that locals still leave door keys in front of their front doors? I thought you should know. Yes! This is custom that has been observed up to date and nowhere in the world will you hear about this. No theft in Gozo or any other type of insecurities. You can walk around any time of the night and be assured of your safety while taking a walk around or while relaxing in your farmhouse. Gozo is home to some of the oldest religious structures in the whole world. Take time and visit some of these sites.
For your vacation in Gozo, always book 2-3 months before for reservations. As you can see, it is the best destination ever especially with accommodation in farm houses.

How to create a website and start making money

Creating a website today is not as big of a deal as it used to be 10 years ago. There are several platforms and pre made themes to choose from. WordPress is the most common CMS available in the market today. With the click of a button you can install a theme and post your content. It is a viable solution for anyone that isn’t a techie but at the same time it is customized and utilized by many advanced web masters.

Investment for website designing, developing and hosting goes ashtray if no visitor is there. ROI can be realized only when you start to convert your visitors into customers. However, the first step is nothing but to increase traffic. Targeted traffic leads to conversions, which are the ultimate goal of every web master.

The biggest underlying pre-requisite of driving traffic is hosting a website effectively. Besides, people love to visit quality websites and they generally come back to the website only if it offers a quality solution.

Organic SEO Techniques

Everyone and their dog is trying to rank their website today. Your success is embedded in how good you are relative to your competitors. SEO rankings go a long way in establishing your website. The most common techniques are mentioned below:

    • Post only relevant content to your website. Don’t forget to incorporate relevant Meta keywords and tags. Be sure, your tags and keywords are highly visited. Google insight can be a great help in this regard.
    • Stop changing your URL frequently. Even redirecting from your old URL to a new one can harm your traffic. Though, it’s not always possible. However, it’s always better to avoid change of URL as and when it feasible.

  • Keep a distance from old, duplicate content. Try ignoring your old concepts of content. Post only fresh, new and authoritative content which offers better users’ experience.
  • Bin all flash and animated intro on web page. Practically speaking, it irks visitors and search engine bots never read them. Thus, it has no use.
  • Select your Meta keywords wisely and incorporate them in the body of your web page content.
  • Push yourself to get some reputed links to your website. Traffic flocks in via these links.
  • Include a site map for the convenience of the search engine crawling.
  • Be specific about the write up. Try including all the keywords be more specific. For example, instead of “baby sitter”, try to write “baby sitter Texas”. It meets the requirement of the users and drives relevant traffic.
  • Add page descriptions. It’s vital both for readers and search engines too. It informs them what exactly they are going to read.
  • Stay up to date with best SEO practices and algorithm changes. Revenue generation becomes much easier when you know how SERPs bots, crawl and rank websites.


Other than these free or organic SEO techniques, there are many paid ways to increase traffic. However, most of them are expensive and impact your campaign only when you promote or advertise. These techniques are the basics and bring in permanent results. Moreover, all paid ads and promotions become fruitful only when these things are executed properly. You can’t spell a word, without knowing alphabets. The relation between organic and paid marketing is nearly the same.

You can also use social media to promote your website. You can run targeted ads or engage your users through relevant groups and pages. The key is to provide a solution to their problems. Always think of yourself as a problem solver before anything else. If you provide useful content and solve people’s problems, then money will naturally follow.


About the author:

Kristel is the content manager at Keen Website Design in Malta. Her passion lies in creating awesome content that is evergreen and loved by all demographic. If she is not working, Kristel loves to take short holidays with her family

How to bake a sponge cake Maltese style

The basic of sponge cake that squeeze with easy!

Lets get started –

Go back in the olden days when there were no computers and there was no internet it was really hard to find information for such a simple thing as baking a cake nowadays YouTube is a great source to find good recipes so today we are going to help you and show you how to make a sponge cake.

We are going to beginning with the sponge cake ingredients

Please make a note of anything to begin with

To begin with preheat the oven at 180 degrees centigrade. Pour one teaspoon of melted butter and spread it using your fingers at the bottom of the pan. This will avoid the cake from sticking to the bottom of the pan

Put some flower at the bottom of the pan again, this will save the cake from sticking at the bottom of the pan.

Next crack open 4 eggs, for aroma and for fragrance we will be adding now 6 drops of vanilla essence and beat the hell out of these eggs using an electric whisk. You should beat it for at least five minutes. We are looking for a great consistency.  Remember it takes five minutes to get this perfect consistency.

Put the egg mixture aside. Now in another bowl add 100 grams of butter and 250 grams of sugar, and we are going to beat it together. Use a tall bowl so you do not splutter everywhere and make a mess. Once all the sugar is incorporated well into the butter, we will add one cup of all purpose flour followed by 1 teaspoon of baking powder. You can use any baking powder

You sift these 2 ingredients through. What I wanted to add here is that I have seen chefs adding baking powder and baking soda together. You do not need to do this because baking powder already has baking soda in it. We will now add in the egg batter that we have prepared before and mix everything together. It should become soft and smoothy

It does not really matter if you the ingredients together clockwise or anti clockwise with the big wooden hand mixer as if in you are trying to fill air into this batter, because the more airy and fluffy the mixture is, the more the sponge will be soft and tender.

At one time when you are mixing the mixture, the mix will become too hard and thats when we need to add milk, 1/4th cup of milk gradually (around 75 ml), little by little as you get the consistency of batter you require. It will take you approximately around 5 minutes. The mix should become gluey.

Now its time to pour our batter into the mall, shake it while you make it baby. Remember we put all purpose flour and butter at the bottom of the pan before adding the batter.

Give the mix some beating against the counter top and put it in the over at 180 degrees centigrade and after an hour you will receive the below cake.

Let it rest for 15 minutes, flip it in a plate and then eat it.

Sponge Cake. Quick & Simple.